- soccer team


october / 12



1. Log in using username & password supplied in e-mail sent to you.
2. Click My Profile and update your profile
      (also address & phone, required for insurance purposes).
      Note that only authenticated (=pre-paid) users can see this information
3. Click My schedule to update your schedule


1. Maximum 16 players per game
2. You have to keep your schedule up-to-date.
3. Registered players have to indicate whether they will come or not before
    gameday 12pm. After 12pm: uncertain/not indicated = don't come.
4. On gameday after 12pm non-registered(pre-paid) players can add
    their name to the schedule for that game (only if there are empty spots).
5. Bring TWO shirts. One BLACK and one WHITE.
6. Preferably bring INDOOR Soccer shoes.

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1. sign up for a game
2. see who will play
3. see if there is any spot available

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